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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My dad always tells me not to judge myself, but seriously, there is no other way to describe this than moronic - an extreme example of just how much sugar can control me.
I have read that sugar is not addictive.  I have also read that sugar is addictive.  I have read that sugar can create a response similar to addiction that isn’t addiction.
I’m addicted to sugar.  I don’t care what anyone says.  I don’t care what kind of degrees you have or studies you’ve conducted, if you think sugar isn’t addictive, you’re just wrong.
Yesterday I sat on my couch reading Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies, an article in the current Mother Jones.  It talks about how the sugar industry has worked for the past 40 years to hide the dangers of sugar.
Wait, she thinks reading an article on the evils of sugar is moronic?  That doesn’t seem right.
Yeah, cause that’s not the moronic part.
As I sat on my couch reading Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies, I ate a Snickers Bar.
And a bowl of ice cream.
And a few pieces of peppermint taffy.
Yesterday was not a good day.
Humiliation factor on this particular event is off the charts.  Yet when I woke up this morning, feeling like crap, there was no question that I would be writing it up and putting it into the world immediately.  Well, as immediately as I do anything when I’m suffering a sugar hangover.
How is it possible to read an article on sugar and how it will kill you while you sit and eat . . . freaking sugar?!?!?!?!
It’s pure insanity.
Moronic insanity.
So I woke up today feeling like crap.  Really bad headache.  Kind of nauseous.  Not interested in food.  Thinking about the remaining ice cream and peppermint candies.  My body crying out for them.
The rest of me arguing with my body.  It’s 1:52 now, so far the rest of me is winning.  I had an apple.  Then I wanted to eat peppermint candies.  So I made some chicken salad.  That was super delicious, a really tasty fresh onion.  Actually I may have to have some more, that’s how good it was.  And it kept me from eating the peppermint taffy.  That was a couple of hours ago.  Just water since then.
I really don’t want the taffy.  I really don’t want the taffy.  I really don’t want the taffy.
So far I haven’t had the taffy.  I really would prefer to stop killing myself.

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