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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One day off sugar

Just one day off sugar and it looks so different from life on sugar.
I got up yesterday, a little bit later than I might have liked, but I was still processing sugar from the day before.  I read in bed some and snuggled with Bobby.  I gotta tell you, a warm snuggly kitty really makes it hard to get out of bed, even when sugar isn’t involved.  One of the reasons I get up a bit later than I might (when I’m off sugar) is my thyroid meds.  I have to take them on an empty stomach and not eat for an hour.  If I wake up briefly very early I’ll take them then and be set for the day.  Otherwise I take them as soon as I wake up and then I may lay in bed reading until I can eat.  Other times I’ll take them and get up and clean or deal with finances.  Today it was kitty snuggling, had to be done.
I made myself a protein shake - protein powder, ice, banana ( frozen banana and unfrozen banana), chia seeds, cinnamon and a dash of himalayan salt.  Delish.  Then I sat down at the computer.  Posted yesterdays post, checked ebay (I’m selling a couple of things), checked FB, took a look at my finances, checked e-mail.
I did some cleaning.  As you should know by now there is ALWAYS cleaning to be done.  This time I’m highly motivated, I finally found someone to pay to come clean my house, so I need to get everything into a “where it belongs” place.  This means finding the “where it belongs” places.  I’ve been making significant headway with this and yesterday it just got better.
I did some reading in Googledocs Pure White and Deadly Yudkin.  Not a ton, but I made headway.  It doesn’t count as procrastination from cleaning if it’s reading for education, right?
I also read Dragon’s Fire by Anne & Todd McCaffrey.  I’ve been reading these books on Pern since I can remember and I continue to love them.  I read that while I ate my lunch.  And a couple of times for procrastination.  Finished it last night and looking forward to the next book, which I ordered from a local independent bookseller.
Lunch was a couple of soft tacos.  It was too many calories, but a tasty lunch with no sugar.  Followed up with a pomegranate.  I love pomegranates.  They are tasty and eating them is entertaining.  Plus, it takes a long time since I pull seeds out one by one, it keeps me from eating other stuff.
When the sun went down I drove up to Fleet Feet in Albany.  Once the sun goes down my motivation for cleaning is gone, don't know why, but yesterday I planned for it.  I have a stress fracture and my podiatrist suggested that I stop running in the barefoot shoes I’ve been wearing.  I’m hoping to be running again soon so I wanted new sneaks to be ready.  This was, probably, the best part of the day.  I went to Fleet Feet because I heard that they were very helpful with sizing and choosing shoes.  I worked with a very helpful young lady.  After talking to me and watching me walk she said she would have suggested a stability control shoe, but for the fact that I was seeking minimal support, just some cushion.  She pulled some shoes for me and had me go outside to try them out.  I gave each of them a try, but couldn’t decide.  So she had me try one of each and run around the block.  I did this twice, trying the left of each and the right of each to compare.  The significant thing, the thing that made it the best part of the day was the running - I haven’t run in over six weeks, and I ran!!  It felt great.  I got winded more quickly than I’d like, but I RAN and my foot didn’t hurt, AT ALL.
I got home with my new sneaks and made dinner.  I had cauliflower and broccoli chopped fine with dressing, a big bowl.  Yummy.
I did some more reading.  And around 10:30 I crawled into bed.  Unfortunately I got sucked into a stupid game on my phone and didn’t get to sleep until almost 12.  Ah well.  Still, I was in bed relaxing and not sitting on my couch in a sugar induced fog.  Improvement.
This morning I woke up about 7:30, took my thyroid meds, checked FB and my e-mail on my phone and snuggled with Bobby.  I got up, made myself breakfast and started writing this entry.  Then I had to head to work to be a body for some folks to practice four hand abhyanga garshana and vishesh.  Two hours later I was on my way home and my brain has been mush ever since.  But good relaxed mush, not sugar induced mush.
Lunch was chicken salad: rotisserie chicken, celery, onion, toasted almonds and balsamic vinaigrette.  Super tasty.  And followed by a pomegranate.
I got stuff done.  I felt good.  I got to bed at a reasonable hour.  I never turned on the TV.  I wasn’t ecstatically joyful, but I wasn’t a waste of space.  That’ll work for day one.

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