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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Republicans, again.

I drove to Connecticut yesterday to have dinner with my family and spend the night.  On the schedule for today was an oil change, a day with my nephew and a dentist appointment.  When I can I cram a lot into my short visits to Connecticut.  I’ve been going to Tam Le for my dental work since 1996.  I’m deeply traumatized by dental work and changing dentists isn't really an option.  I’ve been going to my mechanic, Barry Sutherland of Barry’s Automotive in Cheshire, since 1996 as well.  He takes good care of all of my family’s cars and when you find a good mechanic you stick with him.
The last time I went for a cleaning my nephew had been there the same day so I scheduled this cleaning for the same day with the plan that I could take him and give my sister a little break.  Since it’s school vacation week he came over to my parents house in the morning and we spent the day together.  A nice trip to Barnes and Noble where he spent almost all his Christmas gift cards on three books and an Angry Birds stuffed bomb bird (with sounds to annoy the crap out of my sister).  At the moment he’s not a huge fan of reading, but he likes some books and the rest of the family are HUGE readers, we’re hoping he grows to like a lot more.  Last night he texted that he wanted to go to a movie so I checked the schedules.  When he arrived in the morning I said that I didn’t think there were any he’d like to see, a surprise since it is school vacation week.  Turned out I was wrong, there was one animated film and he said he wanted to see it.  So we went to see Escape From Planet Earth in 3D.  It was pretty fun with enough humorous adult stuff that flew right over his head, but a lot of fun kid stuff too.  It was a good choice.  After that we went to TGI Fridays for lunch, his favorite.  Shockingly he had the mac & cheese.  One of these days he will turn into a bowl of mac & cheese.  When we got to the restaurant I was checking some stuff on my iPhone.  While I did that he played on his iPod.  When I finished I said, okay, I’m done with my electronic stuff, let’s talk.  He put his iPod away immediately and we had a good talk.  I love it when he humors TT.  Then it was off to the dentist where he got a great report from the hygienist and the dentist.  Yay Nickolas.  I made our next appointments for August, again on the same day.  Next time though our appointments are in the morning and we will have fun AFTER.
But, the point of this entry - the republicans.
Last night we had tacos, one of our favorite family dinners.  Lots of kidding with my mom who eats tacos with a knife and fork, never would have thought that was possible, right?  Well, it is.  Come over sometime, you’ll see.  We talked about dad’s magic ability to eat a taco without the shell cracking into a thousand pieces and spilling the guts all over the plate, seriously, it’s impressive.  My sister pointed this out to dad and followed up with a miming of her inability to do that, once she’s halfway through she is palming the taco in a pathetic attempt to get it’s contents into her mouth instead of her lap.  She’s actually pretty good at it, still it’s funny to watch.
After we finished our tacos and conversation about tacos (which seems to be what the conversation every time we eat tacos) my dad offered up cookies and ice cream for dessert.  It was no problem to say no to the ice cream.
But the cookies!  Oh holy hell, the cookies were my mom’s molasses cookies!  My mom’s molasses cookies are chewy and molassesy and soooooo good.  Easily one of my favorite cookies, EVER.  I would totally have had one . . . or seventeen . . . if it wasn’t for the damn republicans.
You remember how I told you that I was using a potential financial contribution to the republicans as negative reinforcement to encourage sugar avoidance, right?  Well it is working like a charm.  I would have easily scarfed down a significant number of those cookies last night, and then into this morning.  And it would have triggered a bummer of a sugar binge.  And I would have had to start the whole sugar free thing yet again.
And I am so tired of this repetitive cycle of, to be a little judgemental, stupid behavior.  Seriously, it is annoying even to me, I can only imagine how all of you out there (around the world, which is the coolest thing!  I showed my nephew the stats page for this blog and he couldn’t believe all the places the blog has been read) must feel when you read that I have relapsed - given that I go on about how sugar is poison.  It is an annoying and boring cycle.
So I looked at those cookies and simultaneously cursed and appreciated the republicans because I didn’t want to eat those cookies.  Yes, they taste good - regardless of how hard my sister tried to convince me that they weren’t that good - but I don’t want to eat them.  I don’t want to jump back off the wagon.  Not even a little.
But it takes some incentive to remember that, so I have the republicans.  And again, this isn’t political - though I tend not to agree with anything on their party platform - if you support the republicans, good for you, I’m sure that you are a lovely person.  But for me, the thought of giving money to the republicans is good incentive.
I smelled the cookies.  They smelled great.
Then I put down the container and didn’t think about the cookies again for the rest of the night.  Even when I was sitting in the new room by myself, the time I would normally walk over to the Rubber Maid containers on the floor behind the table and start taking cookies - you know, when no one is looking.  Never thought about them.  Never thought about them this morning.
No cookies for this girl.
Thanks again to the republicans, you guys are really helping me stay on the straight and narrow.


  1. That is brilliant! I may have to try that as an incentive. After a ridiculous bout of bronchitis, I'm thinking I need to take my health more seriously and have considered going the clean eating route. But giving up sugar? Maybe the Republicans will help me too. :)

  2. Giving up sugar is hard, I was 46 the first time I did it successfully for anything more than a day. I felt so great that year. But the republicans are great motivators, I am never giving them money. I highly recommend And if I can be of any assistance, I'm always here. If I can help one person move away from sugar I feel like my life will have been a success.